Pantone Huey/MacBook success

A while ago I found the Pantone Huey on closeout at my local Circuit City. At $80.00+ I didn’t consider it much of a bargain but at $25.00 it didn’t look like such a bad deal. I fired up the device on my MacBook and began the disappointment. It turned my display Green. On my Mac Mini with my Samsung Display it was pretty good. If you don’t know it the point of this device is to tune your display’s color so that when you process a photo and then print it you don’t get surprised by the difference between what your monitor and printer consider to be fully saturated blue. At $25.00 I figured that it would be ok with the Mini. I was on vacation for a while and would have good access to the Apple Store and Genius bar so I packed the Huey along. But that was still no news. Then I ran into this link.    a At the bottom they discuss the Huey and it looks like it doesn’t like the polarization of the MacBook Screen. On calibration it wants to be oriented vertically but I found that it gave me a good calibration oriented horizontally.