Slave Cylinder

Well, a while ago the slave cylinder in the M3 went south again. The last slave cylinder was about a year old but for a car that I drive 6000 miles a year in that’s pretty short. I’ve been buying the parts from Turner Motorsports and they’ve been okay but I’ll admit to being a little pissed at having to do this again. When I was a kid I didn’t mind being on my back underneath a car as the blood and strength drained away from my arms. Nowadays, working under a car just brings me closer to the day that I buy a lift. Anyhow thanks to my neighbor I was able to get the thing installed and again I get to see how nice the M3 is. For the past three weeks I’ve been getting my BMW kick from my wife’s 325i  and after two hours of driving the M3 I just have to say that there is no comparison. That’s saying something as I own a rather old E36 M3 and my wife has a very cherry E46 325i.