The Conclusion of the iPhone





Recent Blender Work

Rather recently, I have been doing some work in Blender. This has manifested itself in 7 different models, of which the majority are quality work. Currently, I have:

  • a simplification of Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword(originally to be compiled in a throne composed of assorted swords)BusterSword
  • a basic sword with a cylindrical hilt coated in a rather complex gold materialGoldHiltSword
  • a sword featuring a flattened hilt with blades at the edges, and a hilt of copperCopperHiltSword
  • a stool “designed for a king”KingsStoolRender
  • a sword featuring a very wide and thin blade, with a very blocky designWideBladeSword
  • a Pok├ęball with some styling changes, namely the use of a rhomboid and octagonal shape on the front(animated and still image)PokeballPokeball0001-0030
  • a throne specifically designed for a king using a stone environment texture and a purple seat arrangement(was closer to a lighting experiment)