On FreeBSD, git can’t find the certificate store

When I was playing with git checkout of modules I discovered that git doesn’t know how to set the certificate store for curl when it tries to retrieves a module via https. In general, I don’t recommend using git with https unless you have to. Using git+ssh obviates away a bucket of authentication issues. In this case, https is the better choice. To tell git where to look for certificates, to verify and https website, I had to add the following to my ~/.gitconfig:


The command that does this is: git config --global http.sslCAPath "/etc/ssl/certs". If your operating system uses a CA file rather than a CA directory this is the setting: git config --global http.sslCAInfo "/etc/ssl/cert.pem". You can also make this work by setting an environment variable for curl in /etc/profile.

Mirroring in Gitlab

I normally strongly prefer git+ssh over git+https. If you are mirroring between two gitlab-ce instances over git+https, you can handle your mirroring with a single authentication token.