Use the source, Luke!

I wrote earlier about SASL and postfix. One side affect of my setup has been that I get these spurious warnings in my logs.

Apr 4 10:22:19 corellia postfix/smtpd[69626]: auxpropfunc error invalid parameter supplied

I’ve been meaning to throw some time at this problem for a while now but everything works so I haven’t. Upgrading my infrastructure to the latest Open and FreeBSD’s has me using newer packet filtering code with more capabilities so what was once a non-problem has become a pain in the neck. This problem is tied to another feature of cyrus sasl that if find annoying. The configuration for postfix and cyrus is handled through a file called smtpd.conf. This file is stored in /usr/local/lib/sasl2/smtpd.conf. This is annoying for one because under Unix configuration files like this belong in /etc. But for two because the file is poorly documented at best. Reading the source for postfix shows that this is handled by the smtpd_sasl_path. It’s already well documented that this variable isn’t a path, it’s the base file name for the configuration file. This is fixed in postfix 2.5. The warning comes from the initialization of the ldapdb component of sasl. Even though I’m not using it I have to specify the parameter ldapdb_uri.